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We’re a passionate multinational team dedicated to providing commercial drone services safely, reliably and effectively—on demand.


AthelstanOne Drone Services offers complete drone capabilities for your project and daily operational needs as easily as reaching out by phone or email. From urban and agricultural areas to industrial locations, we provide the drone capabilities you require.


AthelstanOne Drone Services globally provides a wide range of drones, sensors, data analysis, payloads and pilots. Let AthelstanOne Drone Services be your single source for UAS services.


We deliver high-quality solutions quickly, safely and at competitive rates. AthelstanOne Drone Services is passionate about 100% customer satisfaction by maintaining top-flight professionalism and equipment in every environment.


Defining Drones

Aerial Technology That Extends Exploration and Work Beyond Our Reach

Drones are proliferating quickly, becoming more disruptive and changing the world as we know it. Drones are already impacting how we do business, manage security, conduct inspections and respond to emergencies while many other potential issues loom on the horizon. Get to know the future with us.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) are sometimes known as the “eye in the sky” or popularly as DRONES.

From military origins, drones have become commercially useful in a wide range of roles including search and rescue, surveillance, security, mapping, infrastructure inspection, disaster management and humanitarian efforts, agricultural inspection, science and research and even retail package delivery.

Drones have become essential tools for saving lives and providing fast disaster relief at low cost and lower risk to response teams. Because drones can quickly and remotely search through and inspect large areas, damage assessments and locating civilians using drones has become the new first response standard.

When You Need Drones In The Oil Field

Why choose AthelstanOne Drone Services?
When your organization faces twenty first century challenges, consider My Drone Services a part of your essential toolkit. Our pilots are professional, well trained and experienced.

We understand the accuracy and efficiency required at sea and in harsh environments.

Inspect your rigs from topside to underside; put our mobile lights and cameras where you need them.

Because repair or maintenance can call for personnel in safety harnesses at height or over open water, get a high resolution look before you make the call to expose your team to risk.

My Drone Services teams are well-versed in cautionary operations in the oil field environment; we won’t add to the risk—we’ll minimize it.

We bring deep knowledge of oil field related business and operations and our teams are comprised of experienced oil field workers with backgrounds both inland and off shore.

We conduct safe operations using ATEX certified drones.

Drone Mitigation Solutions & Drone Deterrent Services:

Remote Control (RC) drone interference is a hot topic headed for a boiling point, driving the need to physically stop drone intrusions to become a standard consideration. Ready-made spy drones literally provide industrial espionage capabilities out-of-the-box, but even hapless loss-of-control hobby accidents have dire potential in some cases. (A drone sucked into a jet engine remains the standard, all too possible gloomy scenario.)

My Drone Services has partnered with global market leaders to build the expertise and equipment necessary to offer drone mitigation services to stop nuisance and malicious drones of all kinds, including the ability to stop heavily customized systems meant for attack. With an effective drone mitigation or drone deterrent solution in place, it is generally possible to take control of intruding drones and force them to land. Though sensitive environments still require on-site staff, some cases allow for such defenses to be automated always-on countermeasures.

Our systems are gauged responses to each scenario, set in place to fit the needs of the client without overstepping any regulations and with a watchful eye on protecting the public.

Rather than emit area-wide take-down signals that can interfere with legitimate GPS, phone and remote vehicle uses, modern systems (especially in public areas) are highly targeted. By monitoring and analyzing drone-specific signals an effective drone mitigation (deterrent) solution can identify an intruder and issue countersignals aimed specifically at the threat. Countermeasure signals are much more powerful than standard transmissions, effectively allowing your gear to take control of the intruding drone.


Even unmanned drone mitigation (deterrent) solutions are capable of taking active countermeasures, bringing down intruder machinery safely in forced but controlled landings. In crowded urban areas or public events, manned countermeasures are required to ensure public safety.


At need, an effective drone mitigation (deterrent) solutions provide more than automated or staffed monitoring/system take-over defenses. In critical defense applications, manned patrols armed with rifle-style takedown equipment can be deployed for additional defense.


Public infrastructure can employ more aggressive defenses since the priority of public protection allows for “blanket” signal saturation on demand. Automated systems can be programmed to force down all radio controlled devices within a defense perimeter to deter intrusion.


Well-funded drone users like cross-border smugglers are learning how to “spoof” government drone signals in order to escape countermeasures. An effective drone mitigation (deterrent) solution signal analysis technology is kept fully up to date to detect and identify all drone types, including such false signal attempts.


AthelstanOne Drone Services can work with you to build an effective drone mitigation (deterrent) solution which can set systems to force intruder vehicles to simply turn and fly away, regardless of drone type. When forcing a drone to land might endanger road traffic, civilians in a venue or pedestrians, effective systems can simply and continually turn the intruder aside.


AthelstanOne Drone Services’ monitoring equipment determines precisely where the intruder signal is coming from with GPS accuracy. Signal coordinates can be given to law enforcement and security teams for immediate response.


Contact AthelstanOne Drone Services to find out more about tailoring an effective drone mitigation (deterrent) solution which you can rely on. My Drone Services work in close contact with government agencies has best-in-class partnerships and is fully staffed with experienced pilots and technicians to provide the effective defensive services required—without legal entanglements.

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